Both the wedding ceremony and the reception will be held at The Venue at Smith Bros' - an old ironworks factory on the north side of downtown Columbus.

The main factory dates back to 1926. It was recently converted into offices, and there is a smaller separate building with an event space and professional kitchen. While it might look a little rough from the outside, inside it's a wonderful treasure of an old building - brick walls, big windows, and a small outdoor courtyard where we'll hold the ceremony. It's a piece of Columbus history!

Getting to Smith Bros is easy. It's directly off 670, one of the major highways that cuts through downtown Columbus. Incidentally, it's also just 10 minutes away from the Port Columbus, the local airport.

There is plenty of free parking in the big lot.

Address: 580 N 4th St Columbus, OH 43215

Here's a map of the surrounding areas. If you're driving in on 4th (a one-way street flowing north) then you'll want to take the second right into the parking lot. There is a stairway from the parking lot up onto the verandah that runs between the office building and the venue.

Map to Smith Bros'
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Images of Smith Bros: Faith and Flickr member williac, licensed for use under Creative Commons. Thank you for sharing your photo!